Sold art works

Solo Exhibitions

  • 1994 Art Stop Gallery, Whangarei
  • 1994 Far North Gallery, Kaitaia
  • 1995 Geoff Wilson Gallery, Whangarei
  • 1997 Reyburn House, Whangarei
  • 2002 Porcine Gallery, Whangarei
  • 2005 Porcine Gallery, Whangarei
  • 2008 Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design, Auckland. MFA Graduation Show
  • 2008 Porcine Gallery, Whangarei.

Critics' and Experts' Comments

“Thoughtfully conceived and executed. Well done, Barbara”
- Scott (Pothan), Director, Whangarei Art Museum.
"O'Sullivan's paintings bear the unmistakable gestural concerns established by Jackson Pollock in the fifties although the direct link is via the New Zealand expressionist Philippa Blair. In works like Frangipani, a balance has been achieved. There is a rhythmic unification of the entire surface without one part being of greater or lesser significance than the others. A balance has also been struck between the forces of chaos and order."
- Art critic Geoff Harris, Northern Advocate, October 2, 2002.
“Barbara O’Sullivan displays fine abstract painting skills, a strong body of work already accomplished (evident in her catalogue) and an impressive sense of direction”.
- Art critic Laurence Clark, Northern Advocate, March 6, 2008.


Prices start from $200 NZD - $1000 NZD
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“Emptiness Series #13”

2007 PVC on acrylic on board 600mm diameter

Collection of Mike Wilson, Auckland.


“Abstract Landscape”

Oil on Board 57 x 87 cm

Property of P. Grabham, Canberra, Australia

Alpha & Omega
"Alpha & Omega"

2007 PVC on acrylic on board 450mm

Collection of Mandy Van der Klundert,Whangarei.


“Emptiness Series #15”

2007 PVC on acrylic on board 600mm diameter

Collection of Ellen Johansen, Waiheke Island.



Oil on Board 62 x 122 cm

Property of Rosemary Roberts, Whangarei, N.Z.

“I was attracted to the painting’s air of mystery and the way you conveyed the variety of vegetation of this massive hill. A simple subject but is full of complexity and interest”

Rosemary Roberts

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